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Thank you for enrolling your child in our program!
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Listed below are our expectations of parents’ involvement in the program. Please read them and then sign to indicate that you agree to follow the guidelines for participation.

I understand that a parent or guardian needs to be present in the home (or wherever the student is tutoring from) during online tutoring. I understand that I am responsible for my child/children’s drop-off and pick-up for Inspired Youth’s in-person events. 


I agree to provide Inspired Youth with my child[ren]’s grades and test scores from their school as needed to support tutoring. (Send your child's report cards to the learning program manager at

I acknowledge that if my student arrives late, their tutor might not be available. If my child[ren] is absent with no advance notice 3 times, there will be a follow-up conversation with the Learning Program Manager.

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